5 Easy Ideas To Create & Spruce Up Your Child’s Study Area

Creating children’s study areas at home isn’t as difficult as many believe. It won’t even require you to hire a professional interior designer or decorator. You and the fam can accomplish this feat, no sweat. All it will take are these easy room-changing ideas for a study area that’ll surely spark excitement for learning in your child!

1. Light It Up, Naturally

Natural light is a powerful and, not to sound redundant, “natural” tool you can wield to your child’s studying benefit.  Working in a naturally lit corner may bring alertness, higher bouts of energy, and ultimately, an increase in your child’s willingness to study. It may also improve their behavior and mood so they can pour over their books feeling pumped. And as they feel happy and energized when studying, the higher their potential for understanding and retention will be. 

2. Artificial lights as backup

In addition to finding that naturally lit corner, equip your child’s study area with an artificial overhead light. Of course, we can’t always rely on the brightness the sun brings, and often, a room’s general ceiling light is insufficient. This is why it pays to have an alternate light source installed right above your child’s study nook. You can even level it up with an extra table lamp and the setup’s good to go!

Set up recessed lights and regular LEDs for low ceilings. In contrast, higher ceilings will require pendant lights or anything similar so that the light source will be closer to your child’s study nook. 

Tip: The pendant light should be at least 28 to 30 inches above the study desk to achieve optimal lighting. 

3. Nothing Better Than Ergonomic Furniture

Children are likely to spend long hours sitting on their study chairs and desks while studying. The type of furniture they’ll use may impact sitting comfort, posture, and even their overall physical and mental health. Ergonomic furniture is meant to address these possible issues. Supportive desk chairs and tables have contours that properly align against the body’s curvatures, and their adjustability can reduce the risk of muscle pains from the neck and lower back to the legs and knees.

4. Directing the Proper Line of Sight

Your child’s study nook will have to face away from the direction where all his or her electronic gadgets and games are. It should also face away from the bed. To foster focus, it’s more ideal to have distractions be proactively removed from your child’s line of sight during study time. 

Choosing a placement in the room as the literal “corner” will likely restrict your child’s view to just the room's walls.  Whether it be direct or peripheral, it will prompt them to bring their attention back into their study materials, asap. 

5. Always Make Room for Creativity

Whether you do it together or let your kids do it independently under your supervision, decorating the study corner could be a way for you to bond with your child. Plus, it’s an avenue for inspiring children’s creativity. Mixing colors, textures, and shapes is a natural approach for honing their imagination and inventiveness. 

Encourage them to display desk and wall frames with their favorite photos, inspirational quotes, drawings, or other artwork. Colorful containers for art and writing materials along with book holders also work as pieces of decor while keeping said items organized in an ergonomic desk organizer. Don’t forget about small potted plants as they can give the study area a “refreshing” look with a relaxed and positive aura. 

Finally, add a wall or a desk clock so that your kids won’t need to look at their electronic gadgets to check the time (and be tempted to tinker with said gadgets’ apps instead of studying). Moreover, checking on the time while studying will teach them a thing or two about time management.

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