5 Positive Reasons to Setup a Dedicated Study Area for Your Child

Does your child have a designated study space in your home? Other parents might tell you that you can turn any area inside the house into a kid's learning corner. However, it might negatively affect your child’s intellectual development. 

We want to support positive reinforcement when it comes to your kid’s development so here are the top 5 advantages of having a dedicated learning area for your kids inside your home.

1. Encourages independence

Having a designated study space for children teaches them responsibility and independence. You’ll notice them being more independent since they have the freedom to personalize their learning area. Let them enjoy decorating their ergonomic chair and desk. But first, provide them with a spacious study table designed for children’s individual needs.

Below are questions that can help spark kids’ creative and technical thinking:

  • “What kind of desk do you want to have?”
  • “Do you want a desk designed with your favorite color?”
  • “What kind of desk accessories do you want for your table?”
  • “What lamp shape do you want for your desk?”
  • “What is the theme you like for your learning area?”

With your support, they can take ownership of the learning area, and in doing so, learn how to be less reliant on adults and be more independent even at a young age. Also, they’ll stop associating their study environment with the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Having a study space allows them to practice independence even at a young age.

2. Improves focus

Helen F. Neville, a nurse, and a parent educator, revealed that the average kid can focus for 2 to 5 minutes per year old. For example, a four-year-old kid can concentrate for 8 to 20 minutes and a five-year old kid can stay attentive for 10 to 25 minutes. But this number can diminish due to distractions, like mobile phones, television shows, and outside noise.

What can you do to enhance your kid’s concentration?

Try setting up a dedicated learning environment where your child can read and study without hearing the sound of the TV in the living room or the sound of frying coming from the kitchen. These distractions, small as they may seem, can significantly affect your child’s performance, which can be avoided simply by having a dedicated study space. They’ll stop associating their study environment with the other parts of the house.

3. Promotes good posture

Students without a functional children's desk set often use the bed or couch as an alternative, but these pieces of furniture only encourage poor posture among children. Don’t worry, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

With a dedicated learning area, kids won’t experience difficulty finding comfortable sitting positions throughout the day. An ergonomic table and compatible chair may promote good posture, supporting the spine’s normal curvature. Specialized kids’ furniture also helps in the prevention of body pains and eye strains among kids.

Do you want to know more tips to improve your child’s posture? Visit SingBee’s blog - 5 Effective Tips to Improve Your Child’s Posture for effective strategies for doing so, including looking for the right chair and matching it with the right desk. 

4. Creates rewarding routine

When children lack a conducive learning environment, they tend to have irregular study schedules. Constantly preparing the table, chair, and other learning materials takes time that should have been spent working on assignments.

Luckily, if kids have a designated area for studying, their books, coloring materials, and gadgets will all be located in one spacious desk. Every morning, they’ll only need to sit on a study chair, face their desk, and do their homework. It eliminates the hassle of arranging a makeshift table every morning.

5. Teaches organizational skills

Aside from encouraging kids to take ownership of their desks, a dedicated study space helps them be organized. Remind them to clean their station every night so they will be ready to study the next day. 

A functional children’s work desk includes built-in organizers for convenience. It’s also beneficial to have separate holders for pens, books, crayons, and other school supplies.

After discovering all the benefits of having a dedicated learning area for your kids, you might ask, “Where do I find ergonomic kids’ furniture?”

Check out SingBee Gas-Lifting Table to start setting up kids’ study space. It offers the qualities every child needs: adjustable, orthopedic, spacious, safe, and durable. With these features, preschoolers to teenagers can organize their materials, concentrate more, show proper posture, nurture a study routine, and practice independence!

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