8 Fun & Surprising Furniture Facts To Share With Your Kids

Furniture — every home and office has them. They’re among the primary fixtures families and businesses use on a day-to-day basis yet many seem to know so little of how they came to be and why they’re made the way they are today. But worry no more because we’re here for you, fam! 

Prepare to be blown away with these 8 fun and interesting facts about everyone’s beloved household fittings! 

1. Office Chair Inventor + Evolution Theorist

Science teaches us that Charles Darwin, a British naturalist, biologist, and geologist, is most renowned for his studies on evolution and natural selection. In fact, he’s often regarded as the Father of Evolution and Modern Biology. 

But did you know…

…that he is also noted as the inventor of the “office chair” during his time in the 1800s? Yet he didn’t create it to revolutionize chairs used for work. His sole purpose for arming traditional chairs with wheels was to easily and quickly move around his office!

2. Ancient Furniture with Precious Materials

Ancient furniture differs from our own in this century not only in structure but in types of materials used. At present, furniture makers are frequently more concerned about durable yet lightweight and pliable materials for designing convenience. 

But did you know…

…that many of the ancient furniture uncovered from the past (as depicted in various artworks) were made of precious metals, silver, and even gold? Now that’s precious furniture indeed! 

3. Origin of the Word “Table”

“Mensa”, “trapézi”, “tavolo”, 桌子 (zhuōzi) , テーブル (tēburu), طولات (tاawulaat), and many more. Our world houses 6,500 languages, and a large majority of them each have a word for “table”. In several cultures, even more than one. 

But did you know…

…that the word “table” is rooted in Latin’s “tablue”, meaning “plank” “flat board”? It was later adapted into Old English as “tabule”, and finally, in French as “table.” The latter is the same word we use in modern English today.

4. Chairs Versus Stools

Historical records tell us that centuries ago, chairs (both for adults and children) were reserved for the wealthy (see our blog about the history of furniture here — Children’s Furniture History 101: The Learning Curve - From Non-existent to Ergonomic). 

But did you know…

…that chairs and stools were regarded as class-defining furniture pieces? Chairs were reserved for the noble and the rich, while stools were given to the less affluent. How far humanity has come since then! 

5. Origin of the Word “Furniture”

Earlier, we talked about the origin of the word “table”. This time, let’s talk about how “furniture” was coined. 

Did you know…

…that the word “furniture” went through at least 4 changes, starting with its Old French roots of “furnir”, “fournir”, “fourniture”, and finally to “furniture”? Quite a series of changes to get to the word most commonly used today!

6. Higher Chairs with Longer Legs

Ancient Egypt is recognized as an era full of “firsts”, with furniture sets as one of them. Historical records reveal that the first chairs and tables were prevalent in many Egyptian homes during the empire’s apex and were used for ceremonial purposes. 

But did you know…

…that in their culture back then, and as mimicked by cultures to follow, the longer the legs of a chair and the higher its seat from the ground, the more important the person on the seat? By the 1600s, this elevated seat was dubbed with the name “throne”. 

7. 4.5+ Hours of Sitting

Studies show that most children in the United States alone spend at least 4.5 hours a day sitting down watching T.V., and about the same number of hours sitting down in school (or at home, for online schooling). 

But did you know…

…that by simply choosing ergonomic furniture and letting your little tots stretch their muscles by standing up from time to time, you’ll be helping them reduce the risk of incurring bodily pains and poor posture? Now’s the time to equip your child’s study room with an ergonomic chair and desk to support proper posture and sitting comfort, moms and dads!

8. Furniture Ranks 3rd in Household Value

The furniture sets in homes and businesses play important roles in getting daily tasks going. They carry objects far heavier than themselves, endure repeated use for years, and provide overall ease for their users. 

But did you know…

…that furniture ranks as one of the most expensive yet invaluable belongings persons and/or families purchase in their lifetimes? It holds the much-coveted #3 spot. Automobiles are at #2 while houses are at #1. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right kind of furniture. They’re a significant investment in your family’s lives—all the more reason to look for the best ones, especially for your little darlings at home. 

Check out SingBee’s ergonomic chair and desks for youth so you can choose nothing but the finest for your kids. And if you and your little tots want more of these super fun furniture facts and trivia, our blogs and updates about furniture-galore are all for your reading pleasure.

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