7 Amazing Benefits of Standing Desks & Why They’re a Must-Have for Your Child

Parents are becoming more aware of how the kind of furniture affects children’s bodily development for the long term. With several innovations geared beyond mere home fittings by focusing on both “usage” (functionality) and “user” (benefits), finding the right one has become more complicated than ever.

Gaining momentum among the many groundbreaking kids’ equipment is “standing desks for youth” but they beg to answer the question, “Are they worth it?” We’re here to address that question and hopefully change your perception of these non-traditional tables and how much your child can benefit from having one.

1. Standing Desks Boost Energy Levels and Productivity

Uninterrupted sitting makes the body very lethargic—- a factor that manifests in low energy levels resulting in low productivity. As it happens, prolonged sitting is more wearying on the body than standing.

That’s because the body tends to correspond prolonged inactive sitting with “sleep”. Only, with the first, your child is fully awake instead of counting sheep. This body-at-rest yet mind-is-awake imbalance is a common cause of fatigue.

So, instead of the usual sitting desk, choose its standing alternative. That way, your youngster can remain energetic and productive when “study mode” is on.

2. Standing Desks Help Fight Obesity

Since uninterrupted sitting makes the body’s systems less active, the risk of obesity could be higher due to the slow distribution of nutrients which may affect their metabolism and their interest in physical activities.

With a simple switch from constantly sitting to a hybrid setting that encourages both sitting and standing, you can help your kid’s bodily systems go back to being active. And thus, back to properly processing and distributing food, fat, and energy for weight maintenance.

3. Standing Desks are Better for the Heart

Lack of movement can increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. These aren’t diseases reserved for the elderly but can also appear during the developmental to adolescent stages of children.

By the time their bodies reach maturity, an hour of intense workouts may not be able to reverse the adverse effects that prolonged sitting has on the heart. That being said, encourage your kids to exercise regularly, too. This, side by side with utilizing a standing desk, places them in a better chance to improve their heart health.

4. Standing Desks Decrease Back Pain

Prolonged sitting upright puts a lot of pressure on the spine. When left unchecked, this pressure/compression will hinder oxygen and fluids from flowing seamlessly throughout the body. Without a good source of oxygen and fluid, bones, joints, and muscles will be more prone to aches and wear and tear.

Standing children’s desk sets are practical study furniture that enables kids to get up, stretch their backs and legs, and inadvertently let oxygen and fluids course through their bodies to ease pressures and strains.

5. Standing Desks for Kids Improve Mood

With active bodily systems come well-being not just physically but mentally as well. A sound mind brings about a better emotional disposition. And this is reinforced further when there is a smooth blood flow that allows mood-altering agents to reach the brain unimpeded.

Such agents are frequently referred to as “happy hormones”, and they’re distributed throughout the body especially when the body itself is sound. When these hormones reach their destinations unhindered and on time, they are exhibited as happiness and self-confidence. This means that there will be less crankiness for study times with your little darlings.

6. Standing Desks Reduce the Risk of ADHD

Sedentary lifestyles are said to be contributory to ADHD (Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder). Using a standing desk can indirectly prompt your youngster to move and fidget every now and then as opposed to feeling restricted from movement when on a chair. Although moving about can be done while seated, standing desks provide more room and opportunities to do so.

7. Standing Desks for Overall Health

Finally, this is where all the previously stated points intersect—- it all boils down to its contributory aspects in children’s health, whether it be physical, emotional, or mental. A simple upgrade from conventional tables to standing desks would appear to be highly beneficial to your child.

The verdict? Standing desks prove their worth as they’re purposefully built as supplementary support for children's well-being from outside in. By switching to standing desks, you can go the extra mile towards the healthy development of your child’s mind and body, within the comforts of home.

SingBee’s children’s learning desks offer easy height-adjustability! Kids can modify it according to their own standing (and even sitting) measurements. Plus, they’re made of materials that have passed numerous quality standards for a safe and child-friendly choice. Click here to find out more about our ergonomic study desks for kids!
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