4 Must-Have Furniture Accessories for Children’s Desk Sets

When thinking of the word “accessories”, many usually relate it with home decorating, clothing, or even cars. But did you know that it also refers to desk add-ons and trimmings? That’s right! Desk accessories are a thing, and they’re trending! But they bring so much more to the… table (ahem)… than you may think. 

We’re here to tell you about 4 popular desk accessories to date, and how they can further enhance your kid’s height-adjustable table for easy learning and productivity. 

1. Book Racks and iPad Holders

If you’re already on board with the idea of switching to standing desks, you might now be wondering, “does my child really need additional table accessories like book racks and iPad holders? Isn’t height adjustability the main concern for my children’s furniture?” Here’s what we have to say about this.

Extra book racks and iPad holders are designed to house these types of items and they come in widths and heights that are purposefully constructed so that books, gadgets, and similar objects will fit in securely. This means less distraction for your kids and one less thing for you to worry about. Plus, extra racks equals extra room for books you can line up for your little tyke to read!

2. Movable Reading Frame

Not having one’s reading material positioned correctly could lead to negative consequences like neck, shoulder, and back pains. These complications may bring about poor posture. 

In a separate post called 7 Amazing Benefits of Standing Desks & Why They’re a Must-Have for Your Child, we mentioned how mobility is key in supporting posture development as well as overall well-being. The same is true of movable reading frames. By conveniently adjusting them according to their sitting position, your kids will be able to modify their line of sight with their sitting posture comfortably. This will significantly reduce any possible risk of incurring back pain, neck and shoulder stiffness, and muscle compression.

3. Book/ Organizer Drawers and Shelves

Children are said to have a very short attention span and not having the supporting study materials they need could highlight other sources of distraction during study time. Getting up from their study tables is one thing. In fact, regular bouts of this are encouraged, to let blood circulation, muscle decompression, and the like take place as they should. But near-constantly removing their concentration from their stations to look for their study tools can break the study momentum, possibly resulting in them being easily distracted and unfocused.

It takes loving guidance and discipline to hone their ability in concentrating on tasks for long durations. Yet among the supplementary solutions to overcome this challenge is to simply choose children’s work desks with drawers or shelves where study materials can be stored well within their reach. 

4. Divider/ Partitions

Lastly, closely related to the above point are shelf dividers and partitions. If there’s just too much stuff lying around on your youngster’s desk, or if a single book rack isn’t enough for the rest of his or her study materials, he or she may still have trouble staying focused during study time. Sometimes, a single drawer or shelf may not suffice so having partitions as additions could be a strongly considered option. What’s amazing is that there are modern makes that allow you to prop them atop a desk like a vertical extension, hassle-free! With this, you’ll be helping to instill a focused mindset consistently, while letting your kids learn about the skill of organization as a bonus!

Never underestimate the power of a study furniture’s functional accessories. From improving reading comfort to boosting abilities in concentrating on tasks at a given period, they’re must-haves that are definitely worth their value! 

Take a look at SingBee’s add-on accessories so you can check out study desks with features that could greatly benefit your child during study time! 

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