7 Trendy Ideas and Designs to Try for Your Kids’ Room this 2022

We’re now three months into 2022 and have you done your research on wow-worthy room trends for a brand new look for your child’s room? We’ve got tons of interior design ideas under our sleeves but we’ve narrowed it down to a handful for this blog. Here are 7 DIY ideas and designs you can easily implement to give your kid’s quarters a much-needed upgrade from ceiling to floor! 

1. Study Corner

There’s truth in the fact that “home” is a child’s first school. Yet when talking of conventional schools with teachers, classmates, libraries, and playgrounds, the times have allowed the home to be both the primary and secondary place for learning. 

Since kids spend hours studying and completing schoolwork, kickstart the room decorating with your child by focusing on his or her study room/corner. Keep in mind that it’s about removing distractions in addition to redesigning it with elements that can help boost positivity and productivity. More of this is in our blog on 5 Ideas for Creating Your Child’s Study Area. Along with that, remember to switch regular furniture with ergonomic and supportive desk chairs and tables. 

2. Hobbies

Your kid’s hobby/hobbies can be used as a theme for his or her room decor. For instance, if your child loves sports, music, arts, technology, etc, dedicate a part/wall of the room to it. Hang a basketball hoop, surfboards, fishing accessories, baseball equipment, shelves for piano books, or a canvas next to painting materials, etc. Such hobby items can bring life and vibrance to any atmosphere. They may also enliven your young one’s mood whenever they see said personal items. 

3. Gallery Wall

Instead of placing picture frames and posters just anywhere in the room, pick a wall that can serve as a frame “gallery”. From family portraits, landscape photos, inspiring quotes, to artwork, and more, it’s a fun yet resourceful and organized means of designing an entire wall. 

4. Toys and Collectibles

Toys and collectibles don’t always have to go inside a box every after use. They can be put on display, too! And there’s a way to do so without making them sources of distraction when your child needs to hit the books. 

Neatly arrange them on shelves and make sure that said shelves are not in the same corner as your child’s study area. They’ll fill the space with a sense of child-like playfulness and cheerfulness. And because they’re situated outside of the study area, these trinkets will be less likely to distract children during study time. 

5. Bold Primary Colors

When it comes to colors, primary hues are best for young ones. They reflect their energy and playfulness, and may positively influence mood and focus. There are two ways of approaching this. First, choose a single primary color for the room, from the ceiling, walls, and furniture pieces. Or if you want to be more inventive, go with two or more primary colors. 

Single pigments can instantly tie the whole look of a room together with a clutter-free vibe. On the other hand, contrasting pigments can revitalize a room’s aura even with only a few additions of decorative trimmings. 

Tip: Feel free to select lighter shades for smaller rooms or rooms with smaller windows for a brighter ambiance. 

6. Patterns

Much like colors, different patterns make a room look and feel alive as well. But mixing contrasting patterns can be tricky if there are too many contrasting hues. Go with either mixing and matching patterns (stripes, plaids, polka dots, florals, geometric, etc.) or colors (see number 5). Any of these two makes for an interior design that’s creative and dramatic yet easy on the eyes. 

As for patterns, they can be applied not just to walls but to furniture such as beddings, pillows, and furniture covers. 

7. Statement Rugs

Finally, a tip for effortlessly producing a cozy effect in children’s rooms is by adding a large statement floor rug. Statement rugs are to have colors that are contrasting from that of the actual floor. Patterned varieties are a great option. 

Still observing our tips in numbers 5 and 6, set the rug on a part of the floor that’s most visible from the doorway. Keep it free from furniture so that it can serve as a focal point for the area and complete the room’s look.

Start your room decorating by equipping one of the most important areas of your child’s room: the study corner. SingBee has got your back with the right ergonomic children's work desk and chair, and organizers! Click here to place your orders today!  

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