Everything Aster-nomical About the SingBee Aster 603 Desk for Kids

Many have been asking about what makes the SingBee Aster 603 Desk one of the most quality children’s furniture in the market today. And this is not because we use premium materials for our products. That has always been a given 😉. But there are factors that set this study table apart from average desks for youths and toddlers. And we’ll tell you all about them in this blog.

Re-introducing... The SingBee Aster 603!

The Essence of the Name

With our recent rebranding came about the name SingBee Aster 603, with “Aster” being one of the focal points of the new title itself. “Aster” is a flowering plant belonging to the daisy family. It’s known for having an array of colors. But most notable are its slim petals that form a kind of star-like cluster around the pistil or flower center. 

Its Greek origin “αστέρι” or “astéri” which translates to “star”, and is a basis for why they were the flower of choice to present to the Greek deities. More importantly, it symbolizes faith, love, wisdom, and color

Why “Aster” for this SingBee children’s work desk?

First and foremost, the SingBee Aster 603 does not resemble the shape of a star. Not even by a little bit! Nor do we use it, or any other SingBee product for that matter, to appease any sort of deity 😁. Instead, it’s the very symbolism behind the flower that struck us and allowed us to see how it stands in parallel with our purpose for creating the SingBee Aster 603.

Love and Faith from Parent to Child (and vice versa)

The love and faith which parents have for their children are universally powerful. These are among numerous reasons why moms and dads are willing to give their kids nothing less than the best. And love and faith are also the reasons why SingBee strives to produce furniture that, much like mom and dad’s love and care, offer support and safety, especially during children’s developmental stages. 

Wisdom and Color

Apart from the emotional aspect of the SingBee Aster 603 mentioned above, we now come to the physical embodiment of that through this wondrous piece of furniture’s features. Wisdom and color are very much a part of the SingBee Aster 603 in that our desk’s purpose is to aid with learning efficiency and comfort, ergo “wisdom”. At the same time, its minimalist yet modern design and hue make it an easy match for any room decor or study corner theme, ergo “color”. 

SingBee 603 Must-Know Features:

  • Quick and Hassle-Free Assembly
    • 2-step assembly in minutes
    • Only needs 4 big screws and 4 small screws to set up (included)
    • View assembly video here: HERE
  • Adjusts to Your Child’s Height and Sitting Comfort
    • Stepless height and incline adjustment
    • 5-step tilting desktop 
    • Interchangeable hand crank 
    • Orthopedic and ergonomic design
  • Child-Safe
    • Layered edges
    • Anti-pinch design
    • Stable and sturdy base
    • Passed international standards for quality and safety

    (SGS, ISO, CTI, TÜV Rheinland, GS, BIFMA - more details HERE)

    Your home is waiting to welcome furniture that’s characterized by love, faith, wisdom, and color. Welcome the SingBee Aster 603 and provide your child with an ergonomic and supportive children’s desk set that speaks volumes of your love for him or her and is just as holistically functional from top to bottom. 

    Read about SingBee’s incredible line of children’s furniture and hit that Add to Cart button now! Plus, more SingBee furniture lore’s coming your way so stay excited! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be updated on all-things-SingBee or reach out to us at singbee@nginc.io

    Thank you for choosing SingBee.💖

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