Evaluating Children’s Furniture: The Quality and Safety Standards to Consider

When it comes to evaluating furniture, standards differ between regular adult-sized equipment versus children's. For the latter, we need to understand why it’s important to pass higher benchmarks consistently.

In one of our posts, we mentioned several vital features that contribute to what the best ergonomic chair and desk sets ought to be. This time around, and just to drive the point home further, we’re back with more verified information about how you can gauge furniture quality, even without being a furniture expert. 

We have taken the time to jot down details regarding accreditations and certifications you should watch out for when choosing your little tyke’s chairs and desks. More importantly, why they matter.

Why Put Importance on Having Dedicated Furniture for Children?

First and foremost, everything that has to do with your child’s development should be closely evaluated and scrutinized to the dot. And we mean everything, including furniture! The reason is that the early stages of development may be crucial in helping to secure physical and mental health as he or she grows into adulthood. 

The National Center for Biotechnology Information has stated that “sitting position” directly affects behavior in youngsters. Apart from this, studies show that bodily pains from the neck, shoulder, and lower back are greatly increased due to the absence of “radically redesigned furniture”. 

All the more reason to spend time sifting through chairs that aren’t merely home interior additions, but also do the job of providing your young one with sitting comfort and posture support.  

What may be surprising to many is that the shift towards “ergonomic children’s furniture” only really emerged in the 20th century. Not too long ago. Manufacturers and furniture makers began to drill down on “functionality” and not just on “aesthetics”. (Watch out for History of Children’s Furniture in our next blog!)

Hence, the presence of regulating bodies became critical in delivering guidelines for creating each part and piece with utmost care. The next question now is, “who are they”? Whom can parents and guardians trust with regards to said standardizations for children’s desk sets today? 

Whom to Trust About Quality and Safety Standards for Kid’s Furniture?

There are a number of review boards that uphold the quality of different types of products and/or commodities available in the market today. On the topic of furniture, you have the global leaders in product evaluation such as TÜV Rheinland, ISO (International Organization for Standardization), and a host of other prominent organizations that take the helm in assessing which products pass the set quality and safety standards. 

Accreditations and certification badges (you’ll usually see them at the bottom of product pages online) are clear and evident indicators that a product has gone through proper testing and review before being rolled out. 

To give you a bit of insight into who they are, below are a few of the most notable ones recognized worldwide: 

  • Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA) Certification - For furniture performance, safety, and sustainability
  • Commission des titres d'ingénieur (CTI) Accreditation - For monitoring engineering procedures and programes
  • GS Mark (Geprüfte Sicherheit - Tested Safety)- Tested Safety) - For tests and evaluations according to the German Product Safety Act
  • ISO Badge - For product, service, and system quality, safety, and efficiency 
  • SGS Certification (Société Générale de Surveillance - General Society of Surveillance) - For inspection, verification, testing, and certification of products based on weight, quantity, and quality against regulatory standards, government standards, as well as health and safety
  • TÜV Rheinland Certification - For compliance to safety standards and qualifications of goods, manufacturing processes, systems, personnel, etc. 
  • National Stone Award - Awarded to industry professionals in recognition of creative, masterful, and outstanding work for projects, products, etc. 

What Do These Qualifications Mean for You and Your Child?

It already goes without saying that children’s furniture should be made safe by default but the presence of these regulating bodies and the way they uphold above average stringent codes should give parents like you the assurance you need in purchasing the most ideal furniture for your youngster.

These codes are sanctioned by independent, government-approved delegations that study and repeatedly check a number of criteria from sourcing, materials, design, assemblage and/or construction, toxicity, and all the way to distribution. Going through their lenses means being steps closer to producing the most ideal furniture options for kids that you won’t have to blind-buy anymore. These badges are the tickets that signify safety and quality in the most legitimate way possible.

Furniture sets that are backed by these regulating giants are in a different league and are no longer the cookie-cutter choices. Instead, they’re specifically, and very carefully, built to be the best among the rest you’ll come across in the market. 

SingBee’s Quality and Safety Standards

The aforementioned review boards from TÜV Rheinland, SGS, GS, CTI, ISO, to BIFMA, along with the National Stone Award, are the very same guilds that have been evaluating SingBee products for 30 years now, and counting. This is why we can confidently attest to the superiority of what we have to offer. 

Moms and dads, you can be certain of the fact that each SingBee furniture goes through rigorous tests from these distinguished international review boards. And we continue to meet international quality demands to produce high-quality children’s work desks and chair all so that your child will receive nothing but the best and safest study furniture. 

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