From Pre-Covid to Post-Covid: SingBee’s 7 Tips for a Healthy Transition

For your reading ease, we’ve narrowed down several points from various internationally-renowned organizations about how important it is to transition well into life after Covid. No brain surgery or rocket science here. Just 7 practical tips you and your kids can follow as you step into the new normal with a bang!

Adjusting to Life After the Pandemic: How Your Fam Can Do It (Like a Boss)?

  1. The Fight Goes On (it always has 🤗)

…and we mean this about life. Not just Covid. Although in this blog, we’ll emphasize the latter. Over 5 billion people have already been vaccinated. To put that into perspective, that’s more than 66% of the planet’s total population. More than half! Quite a feat, considering the initial shortage of vaccines and inaccessibility to them (due to civil unrest, poverty, etc.). Not to mention how there still are many who deliberately refuse to be vaccinated. 

Yet this does not, in any way, indicate that Covid-19 has been eradicated for good. It has and will continue, to be a “norm” in the world’s “new normal”, like the flu. Therefore, it’s wisest to continue to take every precaution such as wearing masks, staying away from overly-crowded places, practicing proper hygiene, and disinfecting our homes and places of work. 

Treat these as regular parts of the fam’s to-dos, because they should be. 

  1. …So Does Stress

Only, there’s a bright side to this. Much like how it was pre-Covid, stress can be managed. It is, in its many forms, a constant in life. Not exactly a weep-worthy statement, but a fact. In reality, it triggers our body’s natural fight-or-flight response when we're faced with challenging conditions. It’s only when we allow stress to control our situations that it impedes our ability to think clearly and act accordingly, to the point of it becoming unhealthy. 

To combat this, pinpoint what your and your kids’ constant stressors are and talk about them together. Not in a hot-seat manner, but in a comfy setting, like over dinner, while doing some chores, right before going to bed, etc. 

Knowing and acknowledging what stresses your kids out most frequently (and your kids learning to distinguish what they are) can help you find proper approaches to dealing with them day by day until they’re finally overcome. And some of these how-tos, you’ll find in the numbers below. 😉

  1. Work Out Those Family Workouts

Continue to encourage your kids to observe an active lifestyle with you. Been following workout videos on YouTube? Keep it up. 💪 Pandemic or not, encourage your fam to exercise regularly. 

The many overplayed (yet universally true) slogans that “health is wealth” and that “exercise…is a tribute to the heart” are all true. But physical fitness isn’t its sole benefit. Regular exercise may also enhance cognitive and behavioral factors such as: 


Self-esteem and self-image



Better sleep

…and the list goes way on!

You’ll be saying hello to a happy and energetic little tyke! 😊

Finally, besides your child’s soundness of body and mind, sticking to regular workouts will be beneficial to your post-Covid transitioning. It’s one of those activities that can seamlessly blend into your new-norm schedule, making it easier to adapt to it. 

  1. Professor McGonagall-It Up with a Home Revamp 🤓⚡🧙

Potterheads are sure to get this reference. In the books, “Transfiguration” was what the beloved character had taught. In the context of home, it’s about “transforming” the place with DIY interior decorating magic. 

Covid opened doors for parents and guardians to seriously consider how much of an impact the literal “environment” of a home has on kids. Today, it's no longer merely about pretty colors and fancy furniture. It’s about how the factor of function can be a game-changer in supporting your child’s overall development. 

Not to toot our own horn but this is where SingBee's supportive desk chairs and tables come in. They're built to improve posture, offer sitting ease, and even boost concentration. All it takes is a furniture switcheroo from meh to “ergonomic”. 

  1. Mental Health Needs Attention, Too

Mental health is as equally important as physical health. It’s 

an integral part of one’s well-being. And yes, children should be guided in attaining good mental health, too. Not just adults. 

UNICEF tells us that it’s natural for young ones to feel anxious or stressed because of the pandemic, among other things. They may act out in numerous ways and/or behaviors, and that’s okay. What parents, guardians, and carers can do is to assure them that said behaviors are valid. Make them feel safe to talk to you about these stressors and assure them that they are heard. 

It’s also recommended that the frequency of watching, reading, or talking about Covid news be lessened and replaced with topics that will lead to positive conversations (literally anything under the sun!). You can even amp up the fun by making it a question and answer game! 

  1. Red, Yellow, or Green-Lit Schedules

Evaluate your family’s current schedules. See if they need major adjustments now that lockdowns are easing. At the same time, are there new agendas that can be kept as per usual? Or others that need replacing?

A practical example would be doing a bit of a tweak on wake-up schedules and chow times. If offices and schools are re-implementing pre-Covid timetables, adjust your fam’s wake-up time to one that’s earlier. Do the same for family breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. That way, everyone can still spend some time together before gearing up and conquering the tasks of the day. 

Go ahead and think of other schedules in your household which need to be maintained, adjusted, or scrapped in light of the red-carpet entrance of the post-Covid era. 

  1. Hooray for Fun Activities and Games!

Keep the ball rolling with activities the fam loved doing during Covid. Indoor games, cook-ins (as an alternative to cookouts. Imma right?), new hobby-learning, old hobby-honing, reading, family movie nights, you name it. 

Family bonding shouldn’t end with the lockdowns. It must be continuously pursued no matter the pandemic, or any other world events to come. So, 

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