The Best Children’s Study Chair: Crazy Over the SingBee Ivy

If you’ve started to pay closer attention to the details of study desks for youths and kids (or if you haven’t, you can start HERE 💖 ), then you’ll absolutely have to do the same with study chairs. After all, sitting apparatuses are what very literally support your little one during hours and hours of study.

Here at SingBee, the throne belongs to the SingBee Ivy Chair 136. Rather, the Ivy 136 is the throne itself! And trust us when we say that it’s notches and tiers above “regular” furniture. We promise it’s not just all bells and whistles. Here’s why your child should have the SingBee Ivy 136 today.

Why “Ivy”

Before we begin, we’ll very quickly brief you on why we chose “Ivy” to represent this study chair by posing this question: “Did you know that ivy actually makes for an excellent houseplant?” Tagged a bright light indoor greenery, it does exactly that. It brings the brightness and cheer of the outdoors into your home. Very much like how the SingBee Ivy Chair 136 will light up any study corner and keep your child beaming and comfy.

A Closer Look Into the SingBee Ivy Chair 136 

Total “Sitting” Comfort. A Total Win. 

“Sitting comfort” is something we take more seriously than others because with respect to kids’ study times, we’ve got to pull all the stops and go all in, especially with furniture. Getting kids to focus for at least 45 minutes is already a feat in itself. However, a good study chair may help keep them seated for longer, with one less excuse to leave their study corners way too often. 😅

The SingBee Ivy Chair 136 is equipped with a cushion that has just the right stuffing thickness, bounce, and firmness, to be comfortable to sit on, yet not “too comfortable” to fall asleep on. Snoozing can and should be done on other designated fixtures. (Click here to know about the importance of a designated study corner with designated study fittings. Insert link)

Next-Level Customization = Posture Support 

Our customization revolves around how each Ivy Chair is contoured so as to follow the spine’s natural curves. This feature offers better support for the major parts of the upper body that are frequently impacted by prolonged sitting. Add to that how the seat cushion, along with the backrest, is fully adjustable.

When said curvatures of the upper body are supported in this manner (fewer gaps in between the backrest and the back as a whole), the upper body can be properly propped up. Experts say that this is what constitutes good sitting posture. A totally flat and almost rigid back? A huge N-O. Fluid contours are what we should aim for. 3 to be exact. (We’ll discuss this in detail in an upcoming blog. 😉)

Keep this up and you’ll be helping your child achieve proper posture and sustain it into adulthood. 

Step Up with Stepless Adjustability

A feature that really shines the light on the SingBee Ivy Chair 136 is that its height

can be adjusted “step-less”. Stepless? It’s exactly as it sounds. 

How can the SingBee Ivy Chair 136 be adjusted? 

  1. Via a turnbuckle that will allow you to either lift or lower the backrest
  2. Via a user-friendly knob for adjusting seat depth
  3. Via a lever for adjusting the seat height between 14 to 25 inches

Manually stepping on some sort of lever? Old news! Your little tyke can make these adjustments himself or herself. A plus for convenience. And a plus-plus for indirectly training him or her about self-reliance. 

The Force is Real with Gravity-Sit Locking Wheels 

Here’s a wow-worthy chair characteristic that’s quite impressive: gravity-sit locking wheels. The Ivy 136 locks in place once weight is applied to the seat. A safety factor that will ensure the chair won’t roll off, wobble, and cause accidents once it’s in use. The perfect definition of secure sitting for your child. 

Finally, it’s fitted with a nonslip footrest with a wide base so that safety really goes all the way around… and down to the toes! 

Learn why the SingBee Ivy Chair 136 is the favorite office desk teenagers and kids love by clicking HERE! And follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all-things-SingBee or reach out to us at

Thank you for choosing SingBee. 💖

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