How to Get Kids to Love Reading: Top 8 Genius Tips

How to Teach Your Child to Love Reading (It CAN Be Done!🤩)

1. Read Together. Read Aloud

This one’s especially recommended to parents who have little tots under their care. Reading together is a very natural way to get your child into the habit of reading because it brings the reading material to life and makes phrases and sentences easier to understand. Or at least, the context behind it (if your little ones don’t yet know how to read).

An extra tip: go a bit more theatrical with reading. Use inflections, tiny props (dolls, etc.), hand gestures, and more, for a truly animated story-reading together. You can even use your children’s desk set as the mini-stage for a mini puppet show! 😃

2. Show Them That You Love Reading, Too

There’s nothing like teaching via modeling. The “role model” technique, with you at center stage, is an effective method of helping shape children’s perspectives about reading itself. 

When they see mommy and daddy engrossed in the written word (that you don’t think of it as ho-hum dull or taxing), that image will shape their understanding of reading. That it’s loads of fun, fun, fun! 

3. Add Pizzazz to the Reading Nook

Once you’ve assigned a corner in your home as your kids’ designated “Reading Nook”, go crazy with decorating the area with them. By the way, a different set of rules apply to the “Study Corner”. But more on this in another blog.✌️

The nook doesn’t have to be a separate room per se. As long as it has enough space to sit comfortably in and is well-lighted, have a blast decorating away. And while you’re at it, add a supportive kid’s office chair and children’s work desk in the mix, so your little ones can sit comfortably and properly while pouring over their beloved books.

4. Schedule “Reading Time” (Bonus: +Reading Log)

Closely tied in with number 3 is jotting down a fixed time for reading. Everyday? Yes, eh-vuh-ree-day. Habit-building is the skill to strengthen here. Establishing a reading schedule brings about the reading habit. Once both are on lock, it won’t take too long before reading becomes a regular part of your child’s favorite hobbies. 

Moreover, throw in a Reading Log to keep track of the books you and your little ones have completed. Let them witness their progress in finishing one chapter, or one book after the next, and be generous with rewarding their reading achievements!🤗🎁

6. Set Book-Themed Days Out (or Days In)

Set aside days for visiting places that bear similarities to the themes or settings described in your child’s book of choice ATM. For instance, E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web has farm animals in the picture, so why not drive to a nearby farm? Or perhaps a family cooking marathon indoors where you can cook up some Pumpkin Pasties and Exploding Bon-Bons (sans the exploding part, of course) for Harry Potter-esque magical treats?

Real-world association allows kids to connect with what they read. It’s also a pretty cool and entertaining way of putting themselves in the picture, for a thrilling journey towards making reading a part of their lives now, and as they grow older.

7. Visit the Library or Local Bookstore/s

…and pick out books you and your kids would like to add to your Reading Log in the coming months!🎉 Get them excited about different kid-friendly genres! List the new titles down as something to look forward to on your next trip to the library or bookstore.

Much like awaiting the next Marvel movie installment to be released in the theater near you, cultivate anticipation for books.

8. Fill Your Home with Love and Books

Whether it’s on shelves or in several cabinets, on coffee tables or under them, on mantles, desks, or beside lampstands, your home should be a haven for books. Create an environment that encourages a love for reading, quite literally! 

Reading shouldn’t be something distant to them. A school activity that starts and ends with class online or otherwise. So make your home the ultimate abode for reading and let walls lined with books be a familiar sight to your children.❤️

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