5 Tips in Looking for the Best Children’s Learning Desk

There’s more than meets the eye when looking for the best children’s work desks. After all, a study table is miles different than its ordinary, personality-lacking, department store-bought counterpart. This is where we come in. 

Our team of experts has come up with a shortlist of guidelines you can use to gauge whether or not X, Y, or Z kids’ study desks are worth a pass. Or are worth investing in. 🤩

1. Errrgono-what? E-R-G-O-N-O-M-I-C-S

We swear we won’t go too scientific with this bit. To keep it short and sweet, the “ergonomics” of a table have to do with the functionality of its structure. How it’s designed to be more efficient and more comfortable for the user. It’s a “smarter” layout or structure that goes beyond aesthetics. 

So then, “What comprises good ergonomics? Think about height adjustability. The height of the table has to be a good match for your child’s own because it won’t just spell “comfort”. Studies show that furniture adjustability may contribute to better learning behavior, mood, and focus. And since kids frequently have no more than 45 minutes of focus to spare per moment, it’s a variable that may improve this. 

2. Safety, Safety, Safety

It’s… “safe” (ahem)... to say that manufacturers and producers of children’s furniture uphold a certain level of care and caution for creating such products. At least, the more reputable ones have this in common. They make sure that ergonomic chair and desk fittings for children have “safety” in structure and material type at the forefront. 

How can you tell if the desk you’re about to purchase will be safe for your little one? Take note of a sturdy base and feet, as well as adjusters that lock securely. Add to that, materials that are resilient to wear and tear. 

Furthermore, said materials should comprise non-toxic components. This information is usually published on furniture websites themselves. If they’re not, you can simply reach out to the manufacturer or distributor via their chat portal (if they have one), email, or over the phone. And in case there’s not much information provided regarding material safety, that may very well be your red light right there.

3. Shining, Shimmering… Certifications

Badges and certifications are variables that parents and guardians often miss to consider when purchasing furniture. Often, it’s because many aren’t aware of regulating bodies that are recognized around the world. 

By the way, we’re not merely talking about business permits, local business acknowledgments, etc. Although these are important, too. We mean certifications from internationally-known regulating bodies that closely evaluate products based on quality and safety. Here at SingBee, our roster consists of the following: SGS, GS, TÜV Rheinland Group, ISO, CTI, BIFMA. We’re also a National Stone Awardee. 🏆😇

4. Minimalist (Yes, NOT Vivid) Color Scheme

We’re all used to hearing (and reading) tips about using bright colors in children’s rooms since they’re reflective of the natural vibrance and energy of little ones. We totally agree. That’s why we’ve also posted how-to blogs regarding revamping your child’s room into one that’s more apt for his or her age (insert LINK). 

However, this isn’t quite so with study furniture. It’s recommended that they have neutral colors instead, to help your child stay focused during study time. Soft colors are also better for the eyes since they’re less straining to look at. 

5. Extra Features FTW

The absence of extra features isn’t exactly a deal-breaker. But if they’re there, count them as that extra oomph to the overall functionality of a desk. Bookstands or book holders, receptacles for pens and crayons, and other storage compartments are excellent add-ons that can make study time more productive. And dare we say it, more fun! 

Your child will be able to organize his or her study materials more easily and in a single go. Not to mention how receptacles that are within reach may mean a lower likelihood of getting up from their study desks and being distracted from schoolwork. 

It’s okay to be particular with furniture details, moms and dads. In fact, we highly encourage it! Investing in quality ergonomic desks for youth should be a priority since these fixtures impact their learning environment at home, from study habits, posture, and even mood. Therefore, going all-in in choosing the best ones is definitely beneficial, and will continue to be, in the long run. 

Visit SingBee and find suitable children’s study desks, fuss-free. Email us at singbee@nginc.io and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all-things-SingBeeat your convenience. We’d be delighted to talk more SingBee with you. 🤗

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