Getting to Know the SingBee Clover 105 Standing Desk 🍀

Perhaps you’ve been eyeing adjustable height children's tables from SingBee’s collection, or you’re simply scouting around for study furniture that’ll work best for your little tykes. Regardless of your goal, we’re here to re-introduce our innovative, kid-friendly study desk—

the SingBee Clover 105 Adjustable Height and Tilt Standing Desk

Why a “clover” for a piece of furniture’s name? What does a gas-lifting standing desk do and what makes it different from traditional study tables? We’re here to answer these questions and more, for you to understand why your child needs this modern piece of furniture today. 

The Essence of the Name

In many cultures, a 4-leaf clover is known as a symbol of good luck. Its origins are traced to the Druids in Ireland where it was believed that finding a 4-leaf clover meant that one was lucky enough to be visited by good fairies. As a result, the said visit would bring about good fortune. 

Clovers are also associated with faith, hope, and wisdom. Besides these, there’s another factor that we at SingBee took notice of— uniqueness— which reflects the entirety of the SingBee Clover 105. Here’s why it’s characterized as especially exceptional compared to other study furniture on the market as of current. 

The SingBee “Clover” 105 Explained

Ultimate Uniqueness 

Let’s start with a short introduction. There’s only one 4-leaf clover in every 10,000 3-leaf white clovers. Studies even show that there is no known clover plant life that yields 4 leaves naturally. It happens through special genetic mutations that are accidentally caused by environmental changes or cultivation errors. That’s how rarely it occurs! 

As for the SingBee Clover 105? It’s as unique as “unique” gets in terms of furniture. It’s crafted with a  revolutionary “Gas-Lifting” capacity that not many ergonomic tables have. This feature is distinct to it in that it uses pneumatic gas shock to raise or lower the desk. No more manually cranking it up and down!

The SingBee Clover 105 is armed with a handle that can be pressed in the direction you want to raise or lower the desk height. And just like that, the said built-in pneumatic gas shock will kick in to do the adjusting for you. Even your youngsters will find it super easy to adjust the table’s position even without mom and dad offering a helping hand. 🤗 Plus, it inclines up to 35° to promote proper posture. 

True Brand Faith and Safety 

There are several reasons why SingBee remains a trusted brand by parents around the world. We’ve earned this brand faith because everything we do is rooted in what we stand for— providing kids with safe ergonomic furniture that can assist them in studying more efficiently at home. 

That’s why the SingBee Clover 105 is geared with advanced safety features. Its locking mechanism ensures that the adjusted angle and height stay sturdy and secure without unlatching, even if weight is applied to the desk. By the way, we mean “locking” quite literally since it comes with 2 spare keys for locking and unlocking. 

On top of this, each SingBee Clover 105 desk is composed of non-toxic E1 level materials that have passed EU safety standards. And as with all SingBee products, they are certified and safety tested by GS, TÜV Rheinland, BIFMA, ISO, SGS, and CTI (international regulatory boards). 

Room for Love and Storage

Finally, the SingBee Clover 105 loves to push the boundaries with add-ons. For this reason, you’ll find extra storage spaces for pens, notebooks, and other study materials. This way, your child won’t have to get up and walk to the cabinet in search of his or her learning tools. He or she can simply stay put reach for them within the desk’s attached receptacles. 

SingBee Clover 105 Adjustable Standing Desk Feature Rundown:

  1. Gas-Lifting Adjusting Capacity
  • Press the handle to raise or lower table height
  • Quick and easy height adjustability
  1. Tilting Tabletop
  • Stepless tilt knob
  • Anti-pinch design around moving parts for safety
  1. Height and Angle Lock
  • With a locking feature to secure adjusted height in place
  • Comes with 2 spare keys 
  1. Excellent Storage Capacity
  • Storage space on the right, left, and front side of this children’s work desk
  • Built with book holders on each side
  1. Atmosphere-Enhancing Color Selection
  • Available in 3 fun colors:

*Blue 💙 - calming hue

- goes well with shades of pink or yellow

*Pink 💗 - cheerful hue

- goes well with shades of light blue, teal, emerald green, sunny yellow, and muted shades of gray

*Green 💚 - refreshing hue

- goes well with white, brown, purple, orange, and summer sky

Shower your child’s study corner with furniture that speaks of love, faith, wisdom, and a dash of uniqueness when you choose the SingBee Clover 105 Adjustable Height and Tilt Standing Desk! While you’re at it, check out SingBee’s blogs on the must-have accessories for children’s desks and discover their importance in children’s productivity and posture.

More good news, moms and dads! The SingBee Clover 105 is ready for you and your kids! All you need to do now is to select the perfect color for them. Then, leave it to our phenomenal gas-lifting standing desk to ensure your little one’s comfort and safety during study time. 

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Thank you for choosing SingBee.💖

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